Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back to the 'Ville Again

Happy! Happy! Happy! I'm soooooo happy that we've finally moved back to Huntsville. I have lived here all of my adult life so it's my home now. I am FROM Marion, but Huntsville has been my home for a while now. My daughters and I moved here a week ago.

"the 'Ville" or "Huntsvegas" as we sometimes call it isn't all that, but almost anything is better than Marion. Now don't get me wrong, I love my hometown and all of my fam that lives there, but that town is like a modern-day Mayberry. Yes.....I am talking about the town on The Andy Griffith Show. I can just see the courthouse in my mind's eye right now with those parking spaces going around the building in a circle.

I miss my mom and my baby brother, but make no mistake about it I love living in Huntsville. Now all I have to do is finish unpacking our stuff and get the rest from my mom's house later this week. I hope I get a job soon. I think it's time to really start back applying for engineering jobs.

Anyway...enough randomness for now.

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