Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It Gets Better???

After getting the kids fed, bathed, changed and ready for bed I decided to watch a little tv. Teen Mom 2...Check up with Dr. Drew to be exact. Well to my surprise I have about 30 minutes or so left before that comes on. Instead some show called "It Gets Better" is on. I'm thinking to myself I've never heard of this. So maybe it's some new show on MTV.

.....Well it was a "new" show alright. It turned out to be this documentary show...kinda in the style of another show they do called "True Life". From the 5 to 10 minutes of it that I saw, they were following a few young people around and basically documenting how they "came out" to a family member.

Now as far as somebody being gay, lesbian, or homosexual, I really don't feel that strongly about it. I mean....I don't have anything against someone who is like that. But the thing that baffled me was that the people had transformed into the opposite sex. That kinda confuses me. This guy said he was born a female, but now he lives his life as a male...yet he's dating a female. So I get confused on whether or not he's homosexual now. ????? each his or her own. I just could have done without this being on tv. I guess they're helping some poor soul out there who needs help coming out. Sooooo not entertaining.

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