Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Still Separate But Equal

A few months ago I moved back to my hometown. I haven't really lived here since I was a teenager. It's very clear that some things never change. When I was younger, I don't think I really noticed it. It wasn't until I moved away to go to college that I realized that my little town is still very SEGREGATED. 

This saddens me a little. You know it's 2013. So much has changed.....yet so much is the same. I guess sometimes in small towns there are a lot more narrow-minded people. 

This was just made very clear to me earlier this week. 

Last week, I noticed an ad in our local newspaper about a pageant that will be here next month. It's going to be held at one of the local colleges here. Recently, I've been thinking about entering one or both of my daughters in some pageants. When I saw the ad I figured that a great way to start would be at one here in our hometown. The low entry fee was an incentive as well. 

I was painfully mistaken.....obviously. The ad listed a phone number to call for more info about the pageant. I assumed that's how you enter as well, by calling the phone number. I could tell that the phone number was someone's cell number, so I became a little leery. I called. The woman's voicemail came straight on. So I decided I should go ahead and leave a message. Now I could tell from the voice that the woman on the other end was white. I left a detailed message and my callback number, and I have yet to receive a callback. 

I don't think I have to tell you why I didn't get a callback.......

The LOC Method aka Sealing

I've been natural for almost 3 years now and for the most part I love it. As with anything you do....not just hair choices....there's pros and cons. I'm always looking for tips, products, and such to help me on this journey. Recently I found out about the L.O.C. method and I must say that to date it's the best thing I've ever done to my hair!!! I was reading a new post by The Domestic Naturalista and I figured that it wouldn't hurt to try it.

The L.O.C. method is a great way to retain moisture during those harsh winter months!!!

  • The L stands for liquid. 
  • The O stands for oil. 
  • The C stands for cream.     

The liquid can be water, or any water-based leave-in conditioner. I use either plain water or the water mixture in my spray bottle. 

The oil is whatever oil you prefer to use. The oil seals in the liquid. I use either coconut oil or olive oil. 

The cream (or butter) seals in the oil. Again just use whatever cream or butter you prefer. I normally use Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Motions Naturally You! Hydrate My Curls Pudding. 

This method of moisturizing has been very kind to my hair this winter. If I wear a satin bonnet to bed on my hair, I actually don't have to moisturize daily. It usually keeps my hair very moisturized for a few days. I just spritz some of the mixture from my spray bottle on my hair and go! 

Now that it's spring, I'm probably gonna start a new regimen to keep my hair moisturized. We'll see! I will keep you posted....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Appropriate or Not?

Last Monday, as I'm driving back to Huntsville, I was listening to 95.7 jamz. If you're anywhere near Birmingham Alabama or ever been in or near Bham, you know all about 95.7 Jamz. Well this particular morning, one of the deejays posed a question and asked listeners to call in and give their opinion.

Is it appropriate for people to make new friends of the opposite sex while married or in a relationship?

I'll just give my 2 cents on this......and I hope to get a discussion going.

I DO NOT think that it is appropriate. Plain and simple. I look at it like this. Its okay to HAVE friends of the opposite sex, but actually going out seeking NEW friends is a whole nother beast. Especially for men. Many a man has said that they're "visual". They go off of sight. Basically when a man approaches you, its based off your physical appearance. He doesn't know you from a can of paint. He's already got in his mind that he wants to sleep with you. Now to prove this theory, just think about this for a moment. Ladies, if you are in a relationship or are married and you come home and tell your man that you have a new guy friend.....a straight, red-blooded man as a guy friend.....I'm willing to bet that your man will most likely go through the roof! You know why? Because he already knows how men think....or as he will probably put it....he knows what that guy has on his mind. Funny thing is if your man suddenly strikes up a new friendship with some random female, chances are he has those same dirty, sexual intentions.

I do believe that there are exceptions to this, however. As someone pointed out on the show, the key thing in all of this is how he met the female. For instance, a coworker being friends is a great example. Let's just say you and Johnny work would make sense for you to become friends without an ulterior motive being there. That doesn't mean that it's impossible. For me, it means that I wouldn't exercise my veto powers on this kind of friendship. Now on the flip side, if you met a guy at the gas station. I'm sure he didn't approach you because he thinks you have a great sense of humor. He probably thinks that your ass looks great in those jeans, and he's thinking of how he'd love to see it out of them.

This is simply my opinion.....and others' opinions as well. I do believe that if you and your mate love, respect, and trust one another, that you won't be in a situation that requires you to veto any friendships.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It Feels So Good to be Back in Your Arms Again

Before you get excited, this post isn't about what you think it's about.....Well on second thought, it kinda is.

Last Sunday, I attended church back home at Eagle Grove. Pastor Dawson preached a great sermon. His sermon came from Luke 15:11-32. This is the prodigal son parable. I had heard of this story in the bible before, but I had never actually read it. I had somewhat of an idea of what it was about, but after hearing that powerful sermon, I knew I had to read it in it's entirety the first chance I got.

As an attention getter, Pastor posed the question: Have you ever had an argument or disagreement with your significant other? One that carried on for quite some time? One that caused the two of you not to speak to each other for a few days? One that carried on for so long that you forgot what made you mad to begin with? I thought to myself....Of course! Anybody over the age of 18 has! He then asked: When you finally made up, do you remember how wonderful it felt to be back in their arms again? At this point, I'm thinking YES! But where is he going with all of this?

Well if you can imagine that, then being back in God's loving arms is a feeling that is immeasurable! As the Pastor is talking about this, I thought to myself...Am I too like the prodigal son? Yes, I thought.

I was raised in the church. I was brought up knowing who God is......believing in Him and all of His awesomeness (is that even a word)! But like many others, I strayed away. I guess subconsciously I felt like I was doing well enough on my own. And like the prodigal son, I ended up in a very low place. I finally saw the light. I don't have to live like this! I'm God's child! Let me go back home!

And I can truely say that it feels so good to be back in his arms again!

No Matter What

I've had hella intentions on blogging more and just haven't been doing it. So much has been going on in my life...good and not so good. I've started some posts and just run outta words I suppose. My last post was 2 whole months ago.....yeah I know. Gotta blog matter what.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I Wanna Know!

So earlier today as we're in the car leavin' church, I hear a throwback Mariah Carey tune that I love! At the time, however, I wasn't in the mood to hear it. It's that song called "We Belong Together".  Now do you see why I didn't wanna hear that? Especially after hearing such an awesome word in church! That was probably the first time that I was able to hear and enjoy a sermon w/out thinking about my ex. So with that being said, I definitely wasn't tryin' to get all mushy courtesy of Mariah Carey.

Well once I began to sing was a wrap! This is turn got me to thinking about my past relationships.....well just my last one. Thinking about what went wrong, what part I played in the relationship ending, etc. You know? Sappy crap like that. But on a serious note, it really did make me think about how things played out in the relationship.

I thought to myself that when things are not going well or when the person has a problem with something that the other person has said or done, I'd want to know! Basically what I'm saying is to just be least give a person an opportunity to correct themselves--IF they feel they need to. I don't think it's fair to either party involved to keep quiet and then just blow up. Or to keep quiet and then not say anything until you have decided to explore other options.

I guess either way, someone will probably get hurt. Well I'd rather have my feelings hurt because someone is telling me, "Hey Bridget, I don't like it when you..." That gives me the chance to correct myself. Same goes the other way around. I think that I've always done a good job of letting a man know about what I didn't like. At the same time, you've gotta let a person know what you DO like, too. (but that's a whole 'nother blog for a whole 'nother time). But like I was saying...I wanna know. If I'm too clingy....tell me so I can give you 50 feet! If I don't spend enough time with you...let me I can pencil you in.

Funny what a song can make you start thinking about huh????
Until my next rant.....


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just Don't!!!

Like many Americans, I've always been a fan and consumer of Nike products, but with the recent inappropriate products I'm heading for the hills. Let me show you what I mean....

A little while ago when my Yahoo! homepage came up, the first story I saw was one about the controversial t-shirt that you see above. Now I won't lie, at first I wondered why there was even a story about this shirt because it looked kinda cute to me. Then I thought to myself that I would never seriously wear a shirt like that because I wouldn't wanna attract the wrong type of attention nor send out the wrong kinda message.

Then once I read the article I really got offended. Plus it made me think back to another article that I read a while ago about how Nike was trying to put out some sort of "shackle" shoes and thankfully they'd been shelved.

So what I read from the t-shirt article, Nike was the official outfitter for the London Olympics and they came up with this shirt that was only available for women. What makes this shirt offensive and inappropriate is that a "gold-digger" is a derogatory term for a woman who is out for a man's money. The article also went on to say that Nike could have come up with a better phrase to emblazon across this new t-shirt. I agree 100%!!! Like the article said, this implies that all those female gold award winners didn't deserve them and somehow did something underhanded to get theirs. NOT!!!!

Sounds like Nike needs to lay off the paint fumes they've obviously been sniffing. All of that money that they've made over the years must have gone to their heads. Oh and just in case you didn't see these "shackle" shoes, here they go!!!

I know crazy right!!!! I'm done!!!