Sunday, October 21, 2012

It Feels So Good to be Back in Your Arms Again

Before you get excited, this post isn't about what you think it's about.....Well on second thought, it kinda is.

Last Sunday, I attended church back home at Eagle Grove. Pastor Dawson preached a great sermon. His sermon came from Luke 15:11-32. This is the prodigal son parable. I had heard of this story in the bible before, but I had never actually read it. I had somewhat of an idea of what it was about, but after hearing that powerful sermon, I knew I had to read it in it's entirety the first chance I got.

As an attention getter, Pastor posed the question: Have you ever had an argument or disagreement with your significant other? One that carried on for quite some time? One that caused the two of you not to speak to each other for a few days? One that carried on for so long that you forgot what made you mad to begin with? I thought to myself....Of course! Anybody over the age of 18 has! He then asked: When you finally made up, do you remember how wonderful it felt to be back in their arms again? At this point, I'm thinking YES! But where is he going with all of this?

Well if you can imagine that, then being back in God's loving arms is a feeling that is immeasurable! As the Pastor is talking about this, I thought to myself...Am I too like the prodigal son? Yes, I thought.

I was raised in the church. I was brought up knowing who God is......believing in Him and all of His awesomeness (is that even a word)! But like many others, I strayed away. I guess subconsciously I felt like I was doing well enough on my own. And like the prodigal son, I ended up in a very low place. I finally saw the light. I don't have to live like this! I'm God's child! Let me go back home!

And I can truely say that it feels so good to be back in his arms again!

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