Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Still Separate But Equal

A few months ago I moved back to my hometown. I haven't really lived here since I was a teenager. It's very clear that some things never change. When I was younger, I don't think I really noticed it. It wasn't until I moved away to go to college that I realized that my little town is still very SEGREGATED. 

This saddens me a little. You know it's 2013. So much has changed.....yet so much is the same. I guess sometimes in small towns there are a lot more narrow-minded people. 

This was just made very clear to me earlier this week. 

Last week, I noticed an ad in our local newspaper about a pageant that will be here next month. It's going to be held at one of the local colleges here. Recently, I've been thinking about entering one or both of my daughters in some pageants. When I saw the ad I figured that a great way to start would be at one here in our hometown. The low entry fee was an incentive as well. 

I was painfully mistaken.....obviously. The ad listed a phone number to call for more info about the pageant. I assumed that's how you enter as well, by calling the phone number. I could tell that the phone number was someone's cell number, so I became a little leery. I called. The woman's voicemail came straight on. So I decided I should go ahead and leave a message. Now I could tell from the voice that the woman on the other end was white. I left a detailed message and my callback number, and I have yet to receive a callback. 

I don't think I have to tell you why I didn't get a callback.......

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