Saturday, June 2, 2012

He's not Hurting Like You're Hurting

This is an old post that I forgot to here goes

So I'm watching The Game marathon on BET today while I do some stuff online. The episode called "The Trey Wiggs Falls Back" just went off. Some things happened on there that made me think. This is one of the episodes after Derwin got busted for cheating on Melanie with Drew Sidora. On this particular episode, Derwin is still trying to make amends with Melanie after she calls it quits and decides to move out.

The crazy thing about this episode is something that I'm sure happens everyday in the real world. A woman finds out that the man she loves has cheated on her and quickly tells the guy that their relationship is over. But the woman ends up feeling sad and missing the guy.

The truth of the matter is that no matter how badly someone hurt you, you're gonna miss them. Well if you love them or have any type of feelings you will. You're gonna think about the good times. Hell its human nature. Well actually it seems like it's only human nature for women. From my experience and obsevation, these guys could care less. You could break up today, and tomorrow they'll be partying and drinking like you never existed. Why can't shit be like the movies sometimes? Nah....I'm tripping. A movie is for entertainment purpses only. That stuff is NOT real life! But seriously, I do understand that there's and endangered species of men out there who will be just as hurt if not more than you.....but let's face it! Not only is that rare, but it's not our generation at all. That's the older cats. The Earth, Wind, and Fire folks! Lol!

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